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Skills Anytime is an expanding company, and we are currently looking to expand our partner network across India. Partners are expected to share in our values of professionalism and dedication, be willing to put the client first, and offer excellent customer support.

Why work with Skills Anytime?

  • We are the leading provider of English, maths and IT e-learning solutions in the UK

  • We are trusted by millions of people around the world to help improve their essential skills

  • English is the dominant global business language, so there will always be demand for exceptional and cost-effective English e-learning programmes

  • Earn commission on each instance of new business and upon the annual renewal of client licences

  • We have a hugely successful track record of overseas distribution

To become a Skills Anytime distributor, all registered companies are invited to complete the application form on page 14 of the distributor pack.

Click here to download the distributor pack

If you are interested in working with Skills Anytime in India and would like to speak to our representative, please contact:

Andrew Craskebksb Ltd. Business Development Manager
E: andrew.craske@bksb.co.uk

T: 0044 (0)1623 413333