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bksb FOCUS English is an award-winning online learning course designed to help improve your English Language skills. It is used by millions of people around the world every year, and is the most popular online skills solution in both the UK and Australia.

  • Award-winning online learning

  • For any English ability level

  • Access anywhere, at any time

  • PC, mac, tablet or mobile

  • Personalised content for you

  • Used by millions of learners

  • Certificate of level completion

  • Packages from just 499 Rupees

How does bksb FOCUS English work?

bksb FOCUS English is an online set of assessment and learning resources designed to improve your essential skills, knowledge and understanding of English Language. Our products are fully compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices and can be accessed remotely, in your own time, at your own pace.

Our award-winning four-step assessment process and learning materials help you to find and then improve the parts of English Language you need the most help with. By improving your weakest areas, you’ll be better prepared for English exams, IELTS tests or just more confident with your English communication in work and life. .

Accurate assessment of your skill level – The bksb Initial Assessment allows you to understand your current level of English ability – whatever your starting level may be.

Personalised learning programme – The bksb Diagnostic Assessment then provides you with a percentage score and an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) of your weak topic areas in English Language.

Effectively supports your English studies – Your Individual Learning Plan will contain bksb’s engaging online learning resources to improve and develop your weak areas.

Suitable for a wide range of abilities  – bksb can help support your English development across a range of levels. Here is how the levels map across to the IELTS bands:

English Level Equivalencies
Choose the package that suits you

FOCUS English (30 days)
30 days access to the online learning course

499 rupees (+GST)

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FOCUS English (90 Days)
90 days access to the online learning course

999 rupees (+GST)

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  • Products are hosted on the award-winning bksbLIVE 2 platform
  • You will be sent a link and username/password within 2 business days
  • Access on PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device
  • User friendly interface with helpful videos to guide you through
  • Amazon Web Services host the platform, making it fast, reliable and secure
  • Pay securely online by credit card using Razorpay
  • Set-up within 2 working days