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About the Skills Anytime Learning Resources for English and maths

The Skills Anytime Learning Resources cover beginner to advanced for both English and maths. The Learning Resources provide users with essential knowledge in a variety of topic areas.

Fully interactive and self-marking

The Skills Anytime Learning Resources are fully interactive, self-marking, and track the user’s skill levels from beginner to advanced in English and maths.

Provide the essential underpinning knowledge base to enhance learner’s understanding of the subject

Our Learning Resources provide users with the opportunity to work through a number of exercises to improve their skills and understanding of the respective subjects.

Suitable for tutor-led and independent learning – ideal for classroom, workshop, work-based and distance learning

Our resources can be used by tutors and students in a variety of different settings, which means that tutors will be able to deliver the resources effectively. Learners can easily use and access them at their own convenience.

In-depth tracking and reporting

Our Learning Resources provide valuable tracking and reports for tutors and managers. This data is extremely insightful and assists greatly with lesson planning, student management and for inspection evidence.

We are a trusted global educational solutions provider

Our products are the market leading and longest established solutions of their type in the UK. They are trusted by thousands of organisations and used by millions of learners across the world every year to support their skills improvement programmes.

Outstanding technical support

As the Skills Anytime Learning Resources are fully-hosted, we save you all the usual hassle of installation, set-up and maintenance. In addition, all our customers receive full technical support by phone, email and web at no extra cost.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions, or would simply like to know more about our solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively (organisations only), please follow the links on the right for an online trial or a quotation.