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bksb Solutions for Organisations
  • Assess students’ abilities in English reading, writing, speaking and listening against international standards

  • Gauge and monitor student progress using our in-depth tracking and reporting system

  • Increase graduate work placement rates by improving communication skills

  • Online assessments and resources available to access anywhere, at any time

  • Supplement lessons and revision with personalised eLearning resources

  • Cost effective and bespoke licensing/pricing options

  • Our English language improvement programmes are used by Panjab University, Punjab Colleges, 85% of UK colleges, almost 65% of Australian colleges, and many more around the world

  • Improve your employees’ English language abilities and enhance their written and spoken communication skills
  • Use for recruitment and selection or to assess current English and maths abilities
  • Support your employees’ professional development with interactive, self-marking resources designed to improve their English language communication and comprehension
  • Allows staff to fit their studies around the working day, flexibly access resources and study at their own pace
  • Cost-effective and bespoke licensing/pricing options are available
  • Used by some of the world’s largest and most renowned organisations
  • Assess students’ abilities in line with the current curriculum
  • Improve GCSE/IGCSE (GCSE Achieve) and CBSE (FOCUS English) examination pass rates
  • In-depth tracking and reporting features enable staff to measure and evidence student progress
  • Embedded with engaging and motivating audio and video content
  • Online, self-marking assessments & resources support the tutor and enhance the classroom experience
  • Supplement lessons with personalised eLearning resources and structured homework & revision materials
  • Cost-effective and bespoke pricing options
  • A range of interactive, online learning modules for English and IELTS from the UK’s and Australia’s number 1 skills development provider
  • Supplement lessons with engaging eLearning resources and structured homework & revision materials
  • Designed to support the teaching process with flexible access and tutor-directed guidance
  • Gauge and monitor student progress using our in-depth tracking and reporting system
  • Flexible prices and licences are available to meet the needs of your institution

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Our dynamic, award-winning, 4-step process has been designed to improve candidates’ essential skills, knowledge and understanding of the English language.

Our solution for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) covers each examined element of the curriculum – reading, writing, speaking & listening.

Our systems and resources can prepare students for their GCSE exams, enhance their mathematical skills, and accurately determine their skill levels.

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Coupled with an accurate and efficient reporting system, our responsive grading system allows for real-time monitoring of student progression and outcomes.

Our interactive, fun and responsive assessments have been designed to match students’ abilities and efficiently identify skill areas for them to focus on.

Our methodical, step-by-step approach provides a clear path for learner progression and development.